MYCC Day at the Capitol - March 4 2019

Mapleton Youth City Council was able to attend Utah State Capitol during session this year - and it was an awesome experience!

MYCC at the Utah State Capitol 2019

We attend committee meetings (we only were able to catch the tail end of committee meetings), and attended floor time in the Senate & the House (we were recognized on the Senate & House floor, which was very cool!).

Floor time in the House

While we ate lunch, Representative Francis Gibson came and talked to us about what he's doing during session, giving us some insights and some information that helped expand our knowledge of what happens in the Capitol during Session.

Representative Francis Gibson

We took a tour of the capitol, which was fascinating! We had a great tour guide, who had lots of information and fun facts.

We filled the last hour of our day at the Capitol with a cool bomb dog demo by the Highway Patrol (who does security at the Capitol). This dog is AMAZING and so trained - we knew he wanted to play and to attack the blue arm-protection SO BAD, but he was so obedient.

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